Angry AlbumFormed in 2012 in the wake of two Vancouver aggressive music juggernauts – Jakartah and Last Plague – Angry bring forth something far more menacing than guitarist Richard Fudalewski (Jakartah), drummer Kyle Ledingham (Jakartah) and vocalist Heath Fenton (Last Plague) would have ever imagined from their previous efforts.

Angry’s sound layers Fudalewski’s dissonant yet groove-heavy guitar riffs with Fenton’s raw, harrowing vocals. Underneath it all, Ledingham’s precise drums and studio bassist Wes Cook’s (All State Champion) walking bass lines hold things together despite wild tempos and time signatures. Since recording their freshman album, Wild Ox Shangri-La, Angry have enlisted Raf Ceppetelli as their permanent bass player.

One could quite easily pick out the group’s noise rock, post-hardcore and ‘70s fuzz rock influences on recording – but you can also see it on stage. Without being derivative, Fenton conjures rock-n-roll anti-heroes, like David Yow, as he trollishly lumbers around the stage – spitting beer into the air and flashing his sweaty, hairy belly at the crowd every chance he gets. “Purposely revolting” is a term you might use to describe Fenton’s approach to live shows.

Lyrically, the band stays true to its namesake emotion. Fenton screams about the things that piss him off – which more often than not is just the little shit; those things that make you angrier than they should (like getting shit on by a bird or being annoyed by slow pedestrians). The rage he pours into the music seems so disproportionate to the subject matter that you can’t help but wonder – Is he really angry about those little things or is he just angry about being angry? They are currently associated with Defiled Under Music.

Wild Ox Shangri-La – Recorded by Stu McKillop at Raincity Recorders (Baptists, Barn Burner, Waster)